The Sportsman and His Family Outdoors (Paperback)

The Sportsman and His Family Outdoors (Paperback)

By Grits Gresham

From Tom Gresham: This book is about how I grew up. In fact, you'll see me in a lot of the photos, as a youngster from about age five and up (can you say "dorky-looking?"). Of course, growing up as one of three children of the famous outdoorsman Grits Gresham (and my mother, Mary, a fantastic hunter/fisher/camper/cook in her own right), all our outings and vacations were in the outdoors.

On one five-week driving camping vacation into central Mexico, Mom and Dad gave me and my brother machetes. We were probably 10 and 12 years old, and we went through Mexico chopping anything we could find. Well, it was a different time. And, we didn't sever any of our own parts.

When we uncovered a couple of boxes of these books, we found some in hardcover and some which were soft cover. It's the same information -- just different covers. Chapters include: hunting, competitive shooting, fishing, camping, boating, "A walk in the woods," bird watching, outdoor photography and winter activities.

If you want to see a time when children weren't scheduled every minute of their days, when they were turned out to explore and discover on their own, when parents weren't afraid to put a gun, or a bow (or even a machete!) into the hands of youngsters who had been trained to be responsible, then "The Sportsman and His Family Outdoors" is for you.

Even though this book was published in 1969, the basics hold true. And, the details of the equipment are a hoot! Check out the Kodak Instamatic camera and the new kind of fishing boat, called a "bass boat." These will not be repeated. It's like opening a time capsule that still has valuable info.

(This is the Paperback edition).

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