Fishing & Boating in Louisiana

Fishing & Boating in Louisiana

By Grits Gresham

Uncovered after years of being "lost" in a storage building, we have a limited number of FIRST EDITION copies of the first book completely written by Grits Gresham. These are from 1958 -- 53 years ago! They are paperback, and some are slightly scuffed, but they are in remarkable shape.

From Tom Gresham: If you ever wanted to own a time capsule -- a clear look into a time a half-century ago -- this is it. From the design to the typography to the photos, this is the 1950's.

It's fun to see a book that has advertisements in it. I love the ads, too, because they give you a sense of the time as much as does the book, itself. Louisiana may have the best sport fishing of anywhere in the U.S. when you combine freshwater and saltwater fishing. Both are covered here. Many people didn't realize that Dad (Grits) had undergraduate and graduate degrees in wildlife management, and his knowledge of habitat and ecosystems came through in his writings. You'll see some of it here.

For anyone who is a fan of Grits' writings, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a first edition copy of a book written in the 1950's.

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